Building infrastructure

$165.9 Million

for school education capital projects in Balgonie, Carlyle, Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Lanigan, La Loche and Wilcox

$516.8 Million

for health care capital projects, including the redevelopment of Prince Albert Victoria Hospital and the replacement of Weyburn General Hospital

$59 Million

to improve infrastructure at Saskatchewan’s post-secondary institutions

1,100 km

of improved provincial highways, including 260 km of repaving

$13.3 Million

investment in capital improvements at Saskatchewan provincial parks

370 MW

natural gas-fired electrical plant that SaskPower will build in south-central Saskatchewan

Building classroom infrastructure

Creating quality learning environments for students and teachers in our growing province.

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Building health care infrastructure

Improving access to services by investing in new hospitals, clinics and long-term care beds.

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Building Crown utility infrastructure

Investing in Saskatchewan to ensure families and communities have access to reliable and affordable utility services.

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Building more highways

Improving transportation infrastructure to keep Saskatchewan communities connected.

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