Building a strong economy


people in the province as of October 2023. The increase of 31,369 people is the largest population growth in a single year in more than a century

$19.6 Billion

expected total capital investments in Saskatchewan in 2024 – an increase of 14.4 per cent


new jobs in February 2024 since February 2023 - all full-time jobs

$39 billion+

total amount committed to more than 60 large-scale investment projects in Saskatchewan by private companies


second-lowest net-debt-to-GDP ratio in Canada


no new taxes or tax increases in the 2024-25 Budget

Supporting job growth and labour force development

Preparing for the growing job market by increasing training opportunities in alignment with industry needs.

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Growing investments and small businesses

Attracting investment and growing Saskatchewan’s international presence, while ensuring an environment for small business growth.

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Sustainable resource development

Saskatchewan’s natural resources provide energy and mineral security for the world.

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Tellling Saskatchewan's story to the world

Saskatchewan has an impressive story of sustainability. We have the food, fuel and fertilizer that a growing world needs. 

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Saskatchewan labour market strategy

The roadmap to build the workforce and ensure Saskatchewan people participate in our growing economy.

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Saskatchewan investment attraction strategy

The plan to secure the next decade of growth in Saskatchewan by buildling, connecting and growing.

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Innovation, technology and sustainable energy

Investing in an innovation economy by supporting the technology sector, research and commercialization of new technologies, and support for sustainable energy.

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Strong and sustainable agriculture

Supporting Saskatchewan producers in bringing food security to the world.

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A growing population and economy

Saskatchewan is growing…and the statistics show it.

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