Building strong communities

$340.2 Million

in municipal revenue sharing – a record increase of $42.4 million

$29.5 Million

to support municipalities and industry to invest in transportation


municipal police positions funded through the 2024-25 Budget

$21.6 Million

to support the RCMP’s First Nations Policing Program

$31.7 Million

investment to address interpersonal violence

$255.2 Million

in targeted funding for First Nations and Métis organizations

Municipal revenue sharing and community infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure and projects to ensure Saskatchewan communities benefit from growth.

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Making communities safer

Investing to make Saskatchewan communities safer with funding for policing, disaster and fire management, and measures to protect people from violence.

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Supporting affordable housing

Delivering programs to support housing affordability and supporting individuals that require assistance.

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Investing in community supports

Helping individuals and families get the services they need.

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Building a better quality of life

Investments that support a better quality of life in Saskatchewan – sports and recreation, literacy and culture.

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Supporting Indigenous communities

Investing in First Nations and Métis communities throughout Saskatchewan.

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