Building strong families and affordability

$830 Million+

annual Personal Income Tax savings for Saskatchewan residents since 2007  


the combined income on which a family of four pays no Personal Income Tax – the highest tax-free threshold in Canada

$83.4 Million

the amount the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation will invest to repair and maintain provincially owned housing units

$46.5 Million

in supports for post-secondary students

$17 Million

increase provided in the budget to deliver the first full year of the Saskatchewan Employment Incentive Program for low-income working families


the number of students that have benefitted from the Graduate Retention Program

Making Saskatchewan more affordable

Programs, services and supports to help make life more affordable.

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Low-income supports

Providing assistance and affordability supports for Saskatchewan families and individuals. 

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Affordability for seniors

Affordability assistance for our province’s seniors.

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Affordability for students and young people

Keeping life affordable for young people building their future in Saskatchewan.

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