Investing in mental health and addictions

The 2024-25 Budget invests a record $574 million in Mental Health and Addictions, which is more than seven percent of the overall health budget. Investments are focused on children and youth, addictions, vulnerable populations and other mental health intiatives.

Budget highlights include:

Funding Treatment and Care Programs

  • The budget provides a $34-million increase for targeted mental health and addictions initiatives, which include plans to achieve 500 new addictions spaces, wraparound supports for homelessness and 30 new complex needs emergency shelter spaces.
  • $29.2 million in increases for targeted initiatives to address addictions and vulnerable populations, including:
    • $7.7-million increase for complex needs emergency shelters for individuals receiving withdrawal management and health care support, and connect them to follow-up services such as inpatient addictions treatment, housing and income assistance supports;
    • $7.4 million to annualize 2023-24 commitments, including counselling through Family Services Saskatchewan, addictions spaces added in 2023-24 and police and crisis teams; 
    • $6.2 million to add a further 150 new addictions treatment spaces;
    • $5.7 million for wraparound supports in supportive housing as part of the Provincial Approach to Homelessness Plan (PATH);
    • $1 million toward the development of a central intake and navigation system for addictions services; 
    • $1 million toward the development of a provincial opioid agonist therapy program; and
    • $200,000 for transitional housing supports for pre and post addictions treatment through Oxford House.
  • $4.7 million is targeted to mental health initiatives with a strong focus on children and youth, including:
    • $1 million to expand the Mental Health Capacity Building Program in schools;
    • $150,000 for Prenatal Outreach and Response Teams through Sanctum Care Group; 
    • $120,000 for Saskatchewan youth homes; and
    • The remaining $3.4 million in targeted increases will fund commitments such as psychiatry support services in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, and BridgePoint Centre for Eating Disorders virtual programming.