A growing population and economy

In Saskatchewan, we’re not pursuing growth simply for the sake of growth. Instead, the purpose of growth is to build a better quality of life for people, build strong communities and strong families, and grow a stronger Saskatchewan now and into the future.

That’s why it’s essential to focus on the growth of our economy. A strong economy means a bright future.

Population Growth

  • Saskatchewan’s population grew by 31,369 people in 2023 – the largest population growth in a single year in more than a century.
  • The population of Saskatchewan is 1,218,976, as of October 1, 2023.
  • Within the next year, Saskatchewan’s population will reach 1.25 million people, which would be an increase of a quarter-million people since 2007. This places the province on track to reach the Growth Plan goal of 1.4 million people living in Saskatchewan by 2030.

Economic Growth

  • Saskatchewan's real GDP grew by a nation leading six per cent from 2021 to 2022.
  • The province had the second-highest value of exports in the province’s history in 2023.
  • For the fourth consecutive year, the province experienced record agri-food exports at $20.2 billion for 2023.
  • The province was ranked second among the provinces for private capital investment in 2023 with an increase of nearly 25 per cent.
  • Private-sector capital investments are forecast to increase another 14.4 per cent in 2024.
  • Private companies have committed to more than 60 large-scale investment projects across the province in recent years – totalling more than $39 billion. These include projects in the agri-value, manufacturing and processing, mining, forestry and energy sectors.

Strong Finances to Keep Saskatchewan Moving Forward

  • Saskatchewan continues to have the second lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in Canada.
  • The 2024-25 Budget contains no new taxes or tax increases.