Municipal revenue sharing and community infrastructure

The 2024-25 Budget provides cities, towns, villages and rural and northern municipalities with a record increase of $42.4 million in municipal revenue sharing through the Ministry of Government Relations. This is an increase of 14.2 per cent from the year before, and a total of $340.2 million in unconditional support for municipalities in the province.

Saskatchewan municipalities will receive $556.9 million in direct support from the Government of Saskatchewan – an increase of $53.9 million from the previous year.

Budget highlights include:

Municipal Revenue Sharing

  • Municipal revenue sharing provides predictable funding so local leaders can make investments in services and infrastructure that meet the needs of their communities.
    • $340.2 million in municipal revenue sharing – an increase of $42.4 million.
    • More than $4.3 billion has been provided to municipalities since 2007-08.
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Community Infrastructure

  • Provincial investments in municipal infrastructure total $163.7 million. Funding includes:
    • $126.6 million for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program; and
    • $8.9 million for the New Building Canada Fund.
  • Major projects to be funded include:
    • Town of Esterhazy Regional Water System Project;
    • Town of Lanigan and District Water Park Project; and
    • Martensville Wastewater Treatment and Drinking Water Distribution Upgrades Project.
  • Further investments in Saskatchewan municipalities include:
    • $17.4 million for the Rural Integrated Roads for Growth;
    • $8.6 million for the Urban Highway Connector Program;
    • $1.6 million in funding for the Community Rink Affordability Grant, which supports nearly 600 community-owned indoor skating and curling rinks;
    • $1.5 million for the Veteran's Service Club Support Program for infrastructure upgrades, operations, programs and events for Saskatchewan's veterans;
    • $3.8 million for the Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities Program; and
    • $1.6 million for the Discounted Bus Pass Program.

Crown Utility Investment

  • Saskatchewan’s Crown utilities will invest $2.6 billion in capital infrastructure this year, including:
    • $1.6 billion by SaskPower to meet demand and maintain reliability of the electrical system;
    • $439.8 million by SaskTel to ensure the information and communications technology infrastructure is in place to help connect Saskatchewan residents; and
    • $416.9 million by SaskEnergy to help meet growth in demand.
  • Over the next four years, the Government of Saskatchewan will invest approximately $9.5 billion through the Crown sector to ensure Saskatchewan families and communities have access to safe, reliable and high-quality services.